York or Fork?

If you are living in a country with a long standing educational institution that has seen millions of graduates, should they change their policy to accommodate your religion?

I thought not.

Church is church. That is why it is separate from school or college. And so it should well be.

If all services from police to health care providers and government to education and child care providers are forced to “accommodate” ALL RELIGION and ALL FAITHS, I believe the service delivery will be critically compromised.

How could it not be if you are, as the provider, spending all your time and money adapting, adjusting and accommodating to make sure no toes are stepped on all while trying to deliver a centuries old quality service?

In a world where I once was relieved to hear the term “politically correct” – I believe we have seen the scales tip. What is our tipping point?

There is a reason we have freedom of choice in religion.

There is a reason educational institutions and other public service providers have rules in place.

Isn’t there?

If one religion is deemed so special to be accommodated everywhere, then why aren’t they all? What is to stop every single one of us from winding up practicing a faith we never even chose just by virtue of respect for another’s faith.

Don’t people know what our country is like already? Why are so many of us feeling disrespected by other faiths or cultures as we witness them being honored in our very culture. Shouldn’t we be respected for being the system and country we are?

If people don’t like it here, well, the plane goes both ways.

Sign me tired of being so politically correct that we have to shout to have respect for a good country that deserves to be respected for what it is:






Let’s keep it that way by respecting one another’s PRIVATE choice of faith or religion. It need not be discussed in any long standing organization or long serving institution if the rules and policies are one for all and all for one.  We are all special. We ALL deserve respect. Singling out any Faith or Religion for special treatment diminishes equality and compromises all systems and organizations that are already working well. For EVERYONE of all faiths and religion.

This is Canada, folks, and I love that I was born here.

I love our fish and potatoes and maple syrup and the way we have embraced so many cultures and faiths by trying to honor every single element they introduce to us.

The simple truth is, that is impossible anyway. So why let any faith or religion have special treatment. I was born here and mine doesn’t. I just fall in with everyone else and do my best as a citizen.

Shouldn’t everyone?



Wanting vs Having

Oh, the IRONY!

Mordecai Richler, bless his literary mind and soul, said the world is irony deficient. How I wish he were still with us that I might tell him about the irony of wanting and having I see all around me in the world.

Wanting something seems to consume most human minds with all the energy it has, their focus so intense that quite often, they actually get what they wanted. Note: wanted. Because, it also seems, the instant most humans truly have whatever it is they sought, they no longer want that at all. They want something better, shinier, bigger and, in their minds, even more desirable than the last thing/person/place they desired to have in life.

Where is there any room for gratitude or “knowing a good thing when you find it” if one cannot still themselves long enough to be thankful. Heating up my life ironies to press out those wanting wrinkles in my human body mind right now.

(I know, I know, someone named Wolfe or Carlyle already said this or something very similar in a quote. But I think Maslow said it best: “”Thus man is a perpetually wanting animal.”)

Spelling Bees Abuzz

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Okay, now who cares? Really? If I write favorite or favourite, if I write behaviour or behavior? Surely, you see what I mean? Okay, well maybe Shirley can’t but the rest of you can. Can’t you? Not every published writer in the world even knew how to spell properly or even finished school for that matter. But the gift of story shone through regardless of the mispellings in the manuscript(s).

In Canada, I was schooled to spell with the “our” suffix many words. Including Saviour. Maybe I’ll be one of those who rescues our own language from auto correct of word processors made in the U.S. Nothing against that but as one for choice, shouldn’t we have the choice?

Would an editor or publisher really toss our work into file G (Garbage) if we didn’t spell “their way?” I’ve heard it can happen but I hope I was mis-informed.

Admittedly, I often acquiesce, in haste, as usual, to the auto-correct because I haven’t time to sit and fix it all so I just do yes to all but maybe I’ll stop that because I feel I owe my language and my country something. Honour.

We don’t have any more prayer in school, we are not allowed to sing God Save the Queen and we can pretty much wear lingerie to class so by God let us at least be known for our perfectly Canadian spelling!

Oh. Dear. Now I have a bit of a problem because I also adore “Olde English” spelling so who knows, you may see some of that on my pages along with variations of Saviour and fervor, lol.

In the meantime… (why is it called “mean” time? Anybody? Shouldn’t we change that to “kind”time, yay, I vote, lol. So, in the kindtime:

Yeah, Canada, you rock and I love living here. Spelled: C A N A D A  :) :) :)

(c) JAM 18Feb2012