Beyond the pale: TRUTH

Recently challenged to do something out of my comfort zone, I elected to tell the TRUTH. Now don’t get me wrong here because I am not saying I lie the rest of the time. But the forum I chose to tell the truth on was Facebook. Fear has noosed my online verbiage all too often. No more.

A survivor of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I am daily trying to lose the fear of life, fear of love, fear of trusting anyone ever again, fear of writing what I think. Once I thought of myself as a person who would never be afraid of anything. Now I am in here, trying to survive in a world where I am afraid of everything. Today, I remove a layer of my skin that you might peer into the other six. In place of writing fear cloaked prose to please others, prose that inhibits my soul from living to my fullest creative level of self, I will remove the over worn cloaks cluttering my neural path ways to the truth.

Apparently, from my inadvertent social science project on Facebook, people don’t really want to hear the TRUTH. They will chastise you and tell you to be more positive. Or ignore you (shunning people is the same as saying YOU don’t exist and actually a form of abuse) or they will UNFRIEND you because they want only happy pretty shiny things on their walls and you are not among those if you opt to tell the hard, bone-crushing reality of the truth of living life in a zone less than perfect.  Just post a picture of yourself smiling and cease to exist otherwise. That’s all most want to see or know about. If you don’t believe me, try it. On any social site. Let me know your results. These are mine.

Apparently, most people would rather be caught up in all manner of celebrity wanna-beism or having online feuds about inane subject matter right in public where the whole wide world (okay, well their friends, anyway and possibly friends of friends can see)… what on earth possesses humans to expose such shallow elements of character when, at any given moment, they could simply share the truth about whatever is REALLY going on in their very own lives.

Are we, as a society, distancing ourselves from one another in an attempt to avoid reality?

Could it be that feasting on the perils of others or the merits of spin-doctored stardom can hold mass mind in a vise of control that many actually succumb as opposed to rejecting that for the actual human experience?

Don’t answer. It doesn’t matter. I am only after the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying YOU won’t tell me the truth. I’m just saying I would rather everyone ponder these questions and collectively strive for higher ground where caring and sharing is like the old days when your neighbor fell short some days and you quietly put a basket on their stoop to help out, not hurt. No more hurting online is a lofty goal, I know. But that is my truth in the real world so why live anything less anywhere else.

And that, my friends, is my truth for today.  Fresh out of my comfort zone of trying to be careful what I say lest I offend some politically correct right winger or politically incorrect wingdinger.

Truth. Rock it out loud, I intend to. Often reclusive and solitary seeking by innate nature, I am shouting to you from within my walls of self I never imagined I would have to work so hard to knock down in making my way back to myself… to a better, stronger self I one day hope to be.

PS Happy New Year, Happiness Always <3 <3 <3



Why are there so many fantastic blog writers out there?

Why aren’t there enough minutes in every single day to read every single one of them?

Why can’t we all earn a living doing what we love to do, ie: reading blogs, writing poetry, doing whatever creatively moves us?

Why are there not enough hours in the day to write?

Why are there not enough minutes in the day to read all the writing we want to read?

Why are there not enough seconds in a day to collect my breath between all of my why’s? LOL

Well, there is reprieve… at least for you, dear reader, a little musical interlude that answers every why that ever was, lol. Enjoy:


To borrow a Corner Gas song lyric by The Odds song: My Happy Place,
“I don’t know the same things that you don’t know.”

But this is my Happy Place.

Just know if I don’t make it to reading all of your blogs today, I will… eventually… and am apologizing in advance for what may appear as ignoring you… which I am absolutely NOT… simply haven’t enough hours in the day to read every person/blog I follow. But I’ll see you soon :) And say hi anytime you like, I’ll answer you and maybe it will even jog me to get my butt over to your pages again. Thanks for being such a great blogging community.

I love the spirit of it all, that anyone can write about whatever they like and nobody judges, just discuss if they wish -loving it.

“We understand the rewards are as simple as a word shared and understood.” JAM (c) Nov 9 2011

 Happy Writing, Everyone!

Of course, if I were being paid for writing, I would completely abide by their rules but I like that we are free to be who we are here…period. It’s my happy place…lol… but I just won’t admit it…yah sure…lol