DP Challenge – The BEST Medicine (Disclaimer: This Post is NOT my FAULT)

Dr. Seuss cartoon

Dr. Seuss cartoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a fishy friend betrays you in every heinous way possible, you can try taking the giggle right out of her slippery agenda by telling her…

Ack, nevermind… she already showed us who she IS NOT.

Why waste another moment on the whys of it all in Stupidville…

Dr. Seuss must have known Stupidville once, his brilliance so true:

“Dr. Seuss said - “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

There is no WHY for the disingenuous, deceitful, duplicitous among us.

And there is no WHO.

Because any friend, relationship or love worth having is never going to drive you to Stupidville in the first place.

They are what they are, no who involved, blows to minds or bodies

proof they speak false Godlies

In a place we learned much more than we knew possible as we sail through on mighty lifeship to genuine friendship relationships.

Happen I am now officially moving out of Stupidville.

Dr. Seuss, may I please move in next to Horton in Whoville? Please…

While I work on the creation that is someday to be Meville,

No, wait, I’m on my way to “Youville” where people can do me no Eville.

Leaving never felt so good.

Unless you count that fall down the outhouse hole when you were wee (ohyesIdid).

Like Uncle Buck (John Candy) said in the movie to his niece of trying to knock some sense into her boyfriend, “Yah, but would he notice?”

The bonus? (if there is one in all this) …

A well-placed kick to the body can be a powerful kick start to the brain or vice-versa.

If your brain and other bodily function organs can withstand the jolt(s), that is.

Some physical hurts burn clear through to the brain.

Some emotional hurts stain worse than any physical pain.

Choosing friends is a lifelong dice rolling business indeed.

Friends for goodness is always best, more better than need.

Row gently and carry a ginormous magnifying glass.

Speaking from personal experience, I would say never give up hope of finding another genuine, kind-heart on the path of goodness.

When there is nothing else, there is always hope.

And, where there is hope there is still room for making even more mistakes.

(c) JAM 8July2013

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What do names really mean?

Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Dress

Do our names influence who we are? What we do in our lives? 

Dubbed “Bleau” in teenaged years, I looked it up for the fun of it. Certain there are more name meaning sites out there than this one I stumbled over, this was my first and I thought I’d share my findings as below from this site:  http://www.kabalarians.com/

  • Your name of Bleau has many sterling qualities but does not give you an overall stability. (True, I am a creative mind that tires quickly once learned)


  • You do everything with an intensity to the point of fervour, and either you feel tremendous elation or you are in the depths of despair. (Accurate beyond question, frightening almost) 

  • People often disappoint you because you are idealistic and are apt to place those whom you admire on a pedestal. (Also the result of my own authenticity and loyalty and expectation of same)


  • Then you become disillusioned when they fall short of your expectations. (Yes but less so as I age and expect nothing, that way I’m not disappointed, lol)


  • You are quick mentally and like to see things moving at an accelerated pace. (Absolutely! Always cited for this ability and score high academically with little sweat usually)


  • Patience is not one of your virtues; you want to move when the impulse strikes you. (Don’t all creative souls out there? lol)


  • While such spontaneity is fine at times, you must take account of conditions and employ careful analysis so as to avoid disastrous results such as accidents due to hasty actions. (Ugh. So accident prone I hate to admit it in case I have an accident while typing this, lol)


  • Most things you do, you do well, but as soon as the task, hobby, or job becomes familiar or routine, you are bored and crave a change. (Kind of agreed with this already above)


  • Travel and new horizons ever intrigue you, but your hunger for greener fields is insatiable, and so you do not experience contentment and peace of mind. (Older now, I actually do have much more peace and contentment. Shedding toxic presences in my life has helped enormously, lol)


  • There is such a driving power within you that, you cannot find an outlet or if your actions are thwarted in some way, you feel the reaction through extreme tension in the region of your solar plexus. (Aha – chills down my spine – are they looking at me right now, lol)


  • The intensity and consequent outbursts leave hurt feelings in their wake, usually involving those closest to you. (Oh yes. Have become very good at explaining what I really meant)


  • Any weakness in your health would result from your sensitive and high-strung nature in stomach disorders such as nervous indigestion or ulcers.  (Seeing the gastro specialist frequently for massive intestinal issues  due to IBS and other matters not yet diagnosed though they assure me no cancer so I am very lucky)

Anyway, that’s all I have tonight. Try your name and see if anything rings bells for you. Or a nick name as I did, at least I know who I really am now, lol. Goodnight, dear reader.