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Due to a shortage of irrelevant (yes, irrelevant, lol) subject matter, I can list 5 book marketing DON’T Do’s!

1. Don’t “meme” your online writing groups to mind numbing insanity of posting youyou’s until their eyes bleed.

2. Don’t use your private facebook account to promote your book, art, music. Make a public page and use that. If it fails, it fails. But at least you won’t have destroyed your friends and family relationships while bogging them down in stuff they don’t care about. They can go to your public page and they know it. If they don’t know it, add link to your info so they can get there easily when they “want” to.

3. Don’t insult the intelligence of your writing group members by posting “memes” shrouded in supposed guise of helping another. They will see right through it. And still not like it.

4. Don’t aggravate anyone anywhere online with incessant and repetitive posts of your new book, song, art. As one writing group member said in another group on here: Aggravating people will NOT gain you readers. She was and is absolutely right. I don’t care how good something is, annoy me = lose me.

5. Check out who is who in your writing groups and don’t assume the loudest know the most. In my limited observation those who say the most have often not only written the least but also have the time to spend prattling while the real worker bees with writing of merit and notable quality don’t have time to say/do much online – why? Because they are “writing.”

Just as I should be right now. All just my opinion based on observations of online marketing where well intended groups and pages were promoted to their literal deaths/inactivity.

I think I’ll make this comment into a blog now and that’ll save me thinking of something else, lol.

(c) 12/07/2013

DP Challenge – The BEST Medicine (Disclaimer: This Post is NOT my FAULT)

Dr. Seuss cartoon

Dr. Seuss cartoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a fishy friend betrays you in every heinous way possible, you can try taking the giggle right out of her slippery agenda by telling her…

Ack, nevermind… she already showed us who she IS NOT.

Why waste another moment on the whys of it all in Stupidville…

Dr. Seuss must have known Stupidville once, his brilliance so true:

“Dr. Seuss said - “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

There is no WHY for the disingenuous, deceitful, duplicitous among us.

And there is no WHO.

Because any friend, relationship or love worth having is never going to drive you to Stupidville in the first place.

They are what they are, no who involved, blows to minds or bodies

proof they speak false Godlies

In a place we learned much more than we knew possible as we sail through on mighty lifeship to genuine friendship relationships.

Happen I am now officially moving out of Stupidville.

Dr. Seuss, may I please move in next to Horton in Whoville? Please…

While I work on the creation that is someday to be Meville,

No, wait, I’m on my way to “Youville” where people can do me no Eville.

Leaving never felt so good.

Unless you count that fall down the outhouse hole when you were wee (ohyesIdid).

Like Uncle Buck (John Candy) said in the movie to his niece of trying to knock some sense into her boyfriend, “Yah, but would he notice?”

The bonus? (if there is one in all this) …

A well-placed kick to the body can be a powerful kick start to the brain or vice-versa.

If your brain and other bodily function organs can withstand the jolt(s), that is.

Some physical hurts burn clear through to the brain.

Some emotional hurts stain worse than any physical pain.

Choosing friends is a lifelong dice rolling business indeed.

Friends for goodness is always best, more better than need.

Row gently and carry a ginormous magnifying glass.

Speaking from personal experience, I would say never give up hope of finding another genuine, kind-heart on the path of goodness.

When there is nothing else, there is always hope.

And, where there is hope there is still room for making even more mistakes.

(c) JAM 8July2013

This post was entirely inspired by:

(Try it, it’s a great way to get writing when you stall… well I think so but then, Who am I? And what do I know… or rather, how was I to know???)

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