Small Things – Flash Fiction Five

P triangle

P triangle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You failed him, Cleopatra said.

Arsinoe couldn’t hear sister.

She loved her sister, trusted her, would never fail her closest friend of well more than two decades.

He just needs the right woman, Cleopatra said.

Arsinoe never suspected Cleopatra meant herself.

Betrayal would have been nothing, such a small thing to overcome if Cleopatra was nobody.

~ ~ ~

Alex's rage eventually escalates into violence.

Alex’s rage eventually escalates into violence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She didn’t have to mock her friend. The plotting, betraying liar didn’t have to further destroy her friend. He’d ended it. Again. She didn’t have to kick her friend. She didn’t have to avoid the clear exits. Right things to do are often the smallest.Why didn’t she just leave?


The Madhouse

The Madhouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone watched the man sobbing. One woman held his hand. They muttered and sputtered around.

Sheesh, look at him in public office and allThat’s the end of his career.

Another woman shouted, Are you people crazy? He is not a criminal, it’s just mental illness!


Prisoners Cell. Alcatraz

Prisoners Cell. Alcatraz (Photo credit: Daniel2005)

Don’t think keeping quiet erases your crimes. The memories are as etched in my mind as if you had actually taken a knife and carved them directly into my grey matter. Despite hollow justifications, there will be no righting your criminal commissions against my heart, a pounding small matter.


Christmas Tree with oil paint effect from Pain...

Christmas Tree with oil paint effect from Paint.NET (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your hands are in every treat I eat, your voice in every merry I hear. Your face in every card I write. Carols choke my heart, albums in my mind so silent in the night, I can barely bear up. Christmas without you will never be a small thing.


JAM 10Dec2012

cleopatra- seduced both julius ceasar and marc antony, is responsible for her brother ptolemy’s death, and her sister arsinoe’s imprisonment by julias, he later to get the crowd on his side after triumphing her through rome, sent her to the artemesium a self ruling temple where she had sanctuary … many pharoah’s in that line were corrupt source: wikipedia