13 Thirteens

13 is to fourteen the very eve.

13  the year I tried to leave.

13 is double six plus one.

13 of some things is almost none.

13 eyes would mean one glass.

13 cries would be mean or crass.

13 spies gathering spite no class.

13 ties to things of no matter.

13 guys with strings of natter.

13 flies tied lines link living.

13 women natter tired, no more giving.

13 will you be fines hanging in the air.

13  lucky only when one running spare.

(c) AuroraMorealist

Kindle Kindled Kindling

And perhaps that final word in the title is the one that will describe my efforts best since my attempts to make it FREE keep meeting with objection due to sites covering their costs. The reason I want this book out there is to create more awareness about Mental Health. Just because we can’t see it and people present well, does NOT mean everything is dandy.

There is often a back story nobody knows a thing of until a tragedy happens like a 10 year old boy in New Zealand who is said to have committed suicide. Why why why…

Why didn’t any adults ask what was going on with this child… so disturbing that people are willing to keep things “quiet” when quiet can mean death.

Voice on.

Loud and strong.


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