Art of Writing

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

 ~ Gustave Flaubert

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Gustave Flaubert’s quote just sparked me off thinking how my own writing is a direct reflection of who I am. The more I write, the stronger my convictions become, the more I write, the stronger I feel about who I am and what I have to say as having value for others.

The more I write, the more I find my way home. To me and all that I am not just as a writer, but as a compassionate human being with much to share from her own journey and those of others she has witnessed.

I do believe Flaubert was right. It’s a good thing I cannot stop because I have miles to go before I have written myself all the way home.

What do you think about the above quote?

Do you discover more about yourself as you write, more about others or both, as I do?

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My Quotes:

“With honesty and loyalty, I give thee all of me; without it, only the parts I wish you to see.”

(c) JAM 2009


“No cloak of proclaimed faith obscures the harsh reality of contradictory choice or action. Beware those who have need to shout loudest; what they “do” roars louder still.”

(c) JAM 2011


“If I weren’t Miss Understood, I’d be nobody at all.”

(c) JAM 2012


“Sometimes some of us can only grasp the meaning of ‘precious’ in retrospect when it is too late to simply, graciously say thank you for loving me enough to care.”

JAM (c) 8Jan2012


“Many a hung up phone and public thrashing bear witness to the choices made by others, choices that clearly tell us who they are. Instead of feeling angry that they never heard us and thus will never really know who we are, we should thank them for saving us smashing our heads into the brick walls any longer.”

JAM (c) Jan2012


“Where there is trust, there is no jealousy; where there is jealousy there is no trust.”

JAM (c) Dec2011


“Who am I to get in the way of one’s own chosen misery?”

JAM (c) 2011


“Faith cannot even be touched in the following of sheep, only in the utter courage of the lonesome leap.”

JAM (c) 08Jan2012


This is a growing collection and is sure to reflect not only my life experiences and lessons but my own growth. I will try to collect all of my other quotes and add them here from time to time. If anything I say ever strikes you as quote worthy, kindly drop me a line and I’ll include it on this page, too.

Happy Reading, Everyone.