Part of me glad to forget…

You know who you are and you know what you did. I have been so respectful and quiet for so long, nearly lost myself trying to do the right thing out of respect for others I once believed in with all of my heart and soul. Learning, giving voice to my experiences, walking tall in truth between the tatters of my life they cruelly shredded around me for trying to simply be heard. Even if they refuse to hear me, I will write my life experiences. They are mine, I survived them have the right to write them. No one minds fluff but just try writing truth. Builds audience fast if only briefly while they spew their anger out at you. Like the lyrics of the song say, sticks and stones… Love Katy Perry, cannot believe how apt this vid is (we even have the same car, lol). Emotional stuff timeless as her lyrics. What I hope for Katy I hope for me. That someday I will blankly say, “Asshole(s) who? WTF are you talking about?”



Loyalty against levelling' (Thomas Paine), by ...


There is a line when loyalty crosses over to become co-dependence and the “loyalty” is no longer pure. That, to me, is NOT loyalty at all. Just two people ensuring their own emotional needs are met by their dependence on one another for value. Loyalty to me is when we value our friends and loved ones so that we would NEVER deliberately or knowingly cause them hurt or harm of any sort. Loyalty to me is when a friend tells me she is thinking about (to employ metaphor only here): jumping over a cliff. And I tell her, “I do not understand why you wish to jump over that cliff. But it is your choice and I support your choices so much that I will be there to catch you when you fall.”