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What a fortuitous day it was for me yesterday!

I had a great day but over-ate at an Indian lunch that was little if not purely decadent… ohhh still groaning from eating too much lol

So I decide to do a one hour workout when I get home and I do this. But now I’m inspired by being soaking wet and sweaty through so think I might as well get some extra mileage out of it and decide to go for quick spin in the park before I shower. As it happens, I also decide to do some cleaning up of bags of grass by the curb that the garbage men left so that takes several minutes.

Good thing because otherwise I never would have heard two friends voices shouting my name across the park!!! We would have missed on another entirely. I haven’t even seen either one since Christmas but there they were doing boot camp in the park. So, you guessed it, I joined in. Whoa. Feeling it this morning.

But I keep smiling to myself because my one friend for 25 years was making me howl through-out the circuits, much like Donkey did in the Schrek movies: “Are we there yet,” my friend kept saying “Are we done yet?”

It was making me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe right and started coughing mid “starfish.”   Ahhhhh, well. Perhaps we’ll never truly be “there.”  But the journey sure is fun, isn’t it?

Happy Friday, Folks, I am loving mine.

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  1. Ah, I love those little random coincidences that bring us back together with people we haven’t seen in a while!

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