Golden slippers o’er wee nimble toes

Delightful dancer

Caught mid-pose

Liquid sunshine from  shoulder splays

Faeries to life the role

She plays

Tall ones move back and part for her

A whirling gleeful

Spirit girl

No one joins in because none dare

She dances free

All unaware

Murmuring excitement the eternal wake

When her leaving she

Does make

No followers can match her bright  rise

This beaming, flowing

Soul so wise

Even when all others be moved

Her song still hers, she’s in

Her groove

So young, so naive so sweet and yet

She shares the secret

open, unkept

Many tall folk may well pass by

With nary a blink of one

seeing eye

Until she’s whirled on past them well

Their vision only what they want

to tell

This girl-child dancer so moved by song

Her freedomness

A latent gong

For those who claim a life they live

Yet miss her glow

Not gift, but give

To all who grace the realm of she

Don’t try, don’t cry, just

Simply Be.

(c) copyright October 6, 2011 Janice (Aurora Morealist)

The photo that inspired this work was used with kind permission of

this magical girl-child’s mother.

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20 thoughts on “WHIRLING YOTAKI GIRL

  1. You touch that point of light within my heart
    Both joy and tears
    whirling twirling fairy glow
    You are amazing and your words dance with power and truth
    May the fairies grace your path
    Love and hugs, Yotaki

    • Thanks, Lisa, looking forward to more reading. That’s my only lament about blogging, not having enough time to read everyone else, so much talent out there :)

    • So glad you enjoyed, I am still thinking of ideas around that inspirational photo. Such a great shot that captures a free spirited-ness that most of us wind up having programmed out of us. Freedom and joy is so true, thanks for swinging by!

    • Ah, love the concept of becoming child-like again, it is so freeing, isn’t it. That’s just what I saw in this beautiful, whirling girl whose picture captivated me from the instant I saw it a couple of months or so ago. Joining you in spirit for sure :)

  2. Beautiful poem, Janice, and I love what you’ve done with the picture of my niece, she’s a beauty with her blonde hair twirling around her. You’re a true artist to see the beauty of that picture. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time out to visit and comment, Ingrid. It was my supreme pleasure to be so inspired by your niece’s captivating photo. I have a kajillion ideas but this was the first one to emerge. You and your amazing, beautiful family are more than welcome. So pleased I could do the photo some justice. Please visit anytime :)
      Kind Regards,

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