Some of my friends warned me that mammograms hurt but I, personally, don’t find them painful at all. Yet. Uncomfortable, yes, and maybe I’m not as sensitive as my friends but I don’t think mammogram squashing has anything on other breast perils.

Have you ever leaned over to root through a drawer and caught yourself in it just as you slammed it shut. Well, one of my breasts knows what that feels like and the other one doesn’t ever want to.

And those darn pinching bi-fold closet doors. Sadly, both  of my “girls” have suffered green and blue bruising because I was, as usual, in an almighty hurry to get dressed and get going.

It’s amazing how children simply see breasts as sustenance or squishy pillows for their comfort. At the age of three one of my nieces was visiting overnight with her father and asked me: “Will you lay down with me, auntie, ’til I get to sleep?”

“Sure,” I said. Once we were both lying down, she put her head on my chest. Then she decided it didn’t feel right. So she grabbed my breasts and moved them all around until she figured they were arranged exactly how she wanted. She laid her head on them and said:

“There, just like my mom.” I laughed and she did, too.

Fast asleep in minutes, she looked so sweet, I hated to disturb her but eased myself out from the bed and went out to the living room where everyone laughed about the story. We still do, but it was just another example of how practically children see our body parts.

A doctor friend tells me that breasts are supposed to be massaged regularly and I had no clue about this, never even thought of it before. Crazy, huh? Living with the girls all these years and never thought of it!

My friend claims that due to regular massage and not wearing bras as much as we do in North America, breast cancer rates in Europe are lower than ours. I didn’t research this before I wrote this piece so I have no way of substantiating his claim. But I did find it interesting.

It led to me massaging my own breasts and I can’t tell you how good it feels. It’s kind of a crazy thing but simply massaging them in the way I would any other part of my body not only relaxes me but leaves me with the sensation that I’ve improved circulation or something, my breasts feel more “alive.” (and I don’t mean the nipple, either, lol, Just FYI: I work around it:)

The fact is they are body parts like all others. I don’t assess my friends on what size bra they are anymore than I would consider sizing  a man up for what’s in his pants. It’s what is on the shoulders that matters to me. If we start getting all hung up on one part or another, we’re missing out on the person. That person might even be ourselves.

So, shoulders back and let those girls be proud to be on your chest. Who knew that simply massaging mine and thinking about them, could bring me to writing this? I know one thing for sure, it feels so good, I’m going to massage mine regularly from now on. I feel kind of like a kid who’s just made the most fascinating discovery about her own body. I know, I know. It’s probably not news to most reading this. But I’m thinking if it makes me feel this good, everyone should do it.

Whatever gifts we each have, let’s celebrate it just because it is attached to us, part of what comprises our beautiful, unique selves.

One of our wonderful CCC members (Crazy Chick’s Club) said she liked to clean house nude.

Trust me, it is not wise to indulge in this practise if you are using a Vileda Bee mop and lean over to wring it out in the pail … yes, you guessed it. Another nasty pinch compliments of the conveniently (or inconveniently) located wringing handle… apparently I will never learn.

Well, that is not entirely so. I did learn that I will never try cleaning house in the nude again. Some memories are just too painful to revive. Still, whenever and wherever possible for me, all bras are off!

Originally written and posted (c) June 28 2011.

Reposted today during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in honour of cancer survivors everywhere and in loving memory of everyone we’ve lost to cancer. For more information:


  1. This is going to sound horribly odd, but I’m incredibly breast-aware. My friends make fun of me for “checking myself out.” But if they only knew what goes on in the comfort of my own home! I can’t say that I’ve ever massaged them, per se, but nothing quite compares to an idle, mindless stroking. Boobs are such a sensitive part of the body. If only people paid more attention to them!

    In pain-related news, ever cut your nipple with a diamond? Yeah…that sucks a LOT.

  2. LMAO (sorry!) Ouch is what I really meant. Holy ouchers. Hope it’s all better now.
    I like your horribly odd sounding self, quite normal in my orbit and always interesting, CM:)

  3. Aurora, that was a very funny post. I enjoyed reading about massaging our breasts. I will have to give this one a whirl. I love all things massage. :) I have had my most painful pinches underneath my loving hubby’s arms (the arm pits) he doesn’t realize his own strength and squeezes me until I screem … not as much these days as there are less of them to be caught. :( that really is both happy and sad news … my girls are about half their previous size. :)

  4. wow. i loved this piece! very funny. honestly though, ive been massaging my girls for quite sometime now. it just always seemed like the thing to do. its great to see another follower of the boob massaging movement

    • So glad you enjoyed! Never thought of it as a movement but hey, they call some musical things movements that really do need a lot more massaging, LOL. Hope you visit again soon :)

  5. I was not aware that breasts should be massaged but I’m happy to be converted to this practice. I do know that my girls get tired during the day, so it doesn’t surprise me that a massage would make them feel better. After all, it works on feet. I too don’t find mammograms all that painful, more discomfort than anything, and I have an awful lot of boob to squish. ;) Thanks for this informative and fun post.

    • Hi, Lisa, I wasn’t aware of it either but it sure feels good, especially when it’s truly “just” massage. Also, if I accurately remember what my friend said, it helps drain off lymph nodes, etc so it’s good for us in more ways than one, apparently. Glad you like :)

    • Well, once is an honour and twice, especially coming from such a literary duo as the two of you, must simply be a Double Honour!!! For which I am very grateful. Thank you so kindly for your recognition. It is my supreme pleasure to be one of your twelve favorites. Now, would that I could uphold the honour of being so dubbed but alas, I am only human and so apologize in advance should you ever find yourselves disappointed with my blatherings. I love your photo writing prompts and the calm of your pages, will be back to enjoy very soon and thank you once again :)

  6. First of all, your tags are great. You’ll get a lot of hits for putting boobs in your tags. I agree I have never found mamograms painful at all. Even the ordeal isn’t as bad as the whole inconvenience and shlep of dealing with the stupid ordeal for the amount of times my doctor thinks I need to go versus the amount of times I think I need to go. Also, I’ve never gone and not had to wait etc.

    I like wearing sports bras whenever possible, they don’t pinch at all.

    • Hahaha, thanks for the giggle and the compliment. Stick around, you’ll see my tags are not always so great, I used to put too many and did not know it was the totally wrong thing to be doing. Just say what I feel will work now. Sports bras are awesome, would live in mine if I could but alas, it doesn’t work for my regular clothes too well. Going to read your pages now. :)

  7. Well, Phil is going to love this news when I tell him! He is a breast-massage enthusiast! (So am I when he’s doing it!) ;)

    Great post on taking the “ick” out of breast health and body awareness. You’re such a gift!

    • No, you are my gift. You just confirmed it again. It’s a pleasure and honour to know such a brilliant mind who takes no pleasure in flattery. Thank you for your constant laughs on your pages full of “how to weather life’s challenges” from a comical chair. Be seeing you very soon :)

  8. I must admit that I’ve never understood small breasted women’s desire to have big breast. I hate mine. I was hoping after having nursed two babies they’d have shrunk, but no dice. I hate rolling over at night and pinching the nips. OUCH! I guess we always want what we don’t have, huh?……..On the funny side, since you brought up kids and how they view our breasts, my niece, my sons, and my sister-in-law all took a trip to the children’s library recently. My three year old niece, who calls breasts boo-boos for some reason, announced to everyone that Aunt Miranda has bigger boo-boos than Mommy. Talk about red faces!

    • LOL Aren’t kids a riot? I just love their innocent phrases. Recently babysat a little nephew who is so bright I asked how is it you can see everything? Because I see it with my spare eyes, he said. So innocent. They are so precious, aren’t they, LOL


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  10. Aren’t spam comments great, lol. I never knew those things; about massaging and no bras and the like. I usually just try to stuff them away and forget about them, but it’s hard when they’re always trying to peak out :(. I hate turtle-necks, but sometimes I feel that’s what I need to wear to no be indecent, lol. ANYWAY, interesting post.

  11. As usual, I love your post! I used to find mammograms incredibly painful but the last one I had was much better–I think they have improved the machines they use for them, plus now they are able to use digital imaging and that seems to make having to redo the squishing because of an incomplete xray a thing of the past. Yay for that. Now I’m off to massage my breasts!

  12. Love the cleaning house in the nude idea but i’m pretty sure my family wouldn’t appreciate it. On another note, I remember when I was little I used to tell my mom, Mama when I grow up I want huge boobs just like you. I cursed myself.

    • LOL LOL You are blessed, my friend, not cursed as I have, personally come to know. Still don’t know why so many guys see women with big breasts as “all about the sex” but maybe women like you and I are here to educate them lol

  13. I loved the spam comment. That was a riot. my girls are always trying to get out too. They have feed four children so they sort of pour out here and there. They just aren’t as sexy as they used to be hehe! OH well … I still do NOT wish to be YOUNG again to have perky boobies. That is just too much trouble. :)

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