“Language spoken so softly

Words never leave lip

The rapture of fragrance

An innocent slip.”

The Soul of the Rose


John William Waterhouse


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14 thoughts on “LIPS OF RAPTURE

    • That is so strange, I was just thinking of you earlier today and thinking I must catch up on your pages soon and here you are! Also amazing that I, too, had the painting as my desktop for some time, not recently but for some time and occasionally as my Facebook image. It really is lovely and the pleasure is all mine, thank you for swinging by, Louise :)

    • Exquisite! I love this, Marie. And now you are truly Naked in the Sea among all of us creative mermaids. Thank you for adorning my page with such eloquent verse, the painting really is inspirational, isn’t it. Adore your line “felt the heartbeat of the wall”… :)

    • Thanks, MD! You know what, I’ve always loved this painting and wanted to say something about it but it enchants me so that I can barely move, just stay fixated on it for hours on end if life would stop interupting me, lol. I just tried to say something I felt, glad you like :)

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