eight fears

Blue Rock Thrush from old German enc


 eight fears


that I will not live long enough to give and receive the pure love I nearly died yearning for

that I will not live long enough to see the divisiveness in my birth family repaired

that I will not live long enough to learn everything I must

that I will not live long enough to read everything I must

that I will not live long enough to love all those I must

that I will not live long enough to write all that I must

that I will not live long enough

that I will not live


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14 thoughts on “eight fears

    • ummm… I think it must be the same people who must define “normal” LOL :)

      Polarized families, well, I always say 95 percent of families are dysfunctional and the other 5% just think they’re not. Sometimes it is worth it to pursue reparation but you cannot do it all by yourself… nor should one.

      If assumption, coalition forming and attack are their modus operandi, no amount of common sense will ever make sense to them no matter how hard you try… alas, a new club is born on the defining mutual ground of agreement to hate…

      What springs to mind now is John Candy from the movie Uncle Buck where he was thinking about knocking the nieces boyfriend over the head (or some such thing to knock some sense into him) but then he said, “Yeah, but would he notice?”

      Thanks for noticing my pages :)

    • Don’t you love those Facebook escapades…brings a whole new meaning to “social site” LOL But not one I value, just what it is. So… in the vein of staying popular with the family mobbings on FB, did they ever get their 20 dollars??? LMBO

    • Well, oddly enough, on my Linked In profile, I said “No fear.” What led me to that was the fact that writers are out there, whether we like it or not, our brains are on the pages and if you have fear, then you don’t have what Ralph Keyes says we must: “The Courage to Write.” Another commonality of ours, soul sister, love your pages :)

  1. I love your list. I understand the family thing. I am not estranged from my family per se, but sometimes I feel that we are from different planets. I don’t know how to speak with them or be with them at times. WE do get along most of the time, which is good, but I have to be high on my game in order for that to happen–if I am off or feel bad well all bets are off.

    I would have to say that I fear:
    Not living my life to the fullest
    not living my life to the fullest
    not living my life to the fullest
    not living my life to the fullest
    and so on and so on ..

  2. I don’t consider myself estranged because it is not my choice but I do fully understand the limitations of relationships for one, LOL Different planets is a good way to describe it. That I can handle but apparently they cannot. Getting along with everyone hasn’t been a problem for me but some birth family members are like such hot and cold faucets that one day all is well and the next day they, their children and whomever else partakes of the ‘I’m okay, you’re okay mentality’ stop speaking to me or speak to me so rudely over things they do not care to query but judge that there’s not a whole lot one can do with that despite my conflict resolution training. If my energy is low, I won’t even open email, just simple self care so I fully get the need for that. It’s not like there are any pieces of me left to chew on LOL since my life is pretty much an open book, LOL Sometimes I think they live solely to embarrass themselves because that’s all the result ever is. By the way, if you are not living life to the fullest, I don’t know who is, Crazy Chick :) :) :)

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