“Royal Visitors” Challenge #6

Ingredients for this challenge courtesy of:


1. A kangaroo and another kangaroo.

2. Yet another kangaroo.


Me: Just spent an hour on these, M, and by far it was the most challenging. Had you given me an array of subjects, I may have been able to weave something out of them that made sense. But this was difficult, there is no ambiguity in the word kangaroo, lol. Thank you for the challenge, it took me away for a time when I needed a break from real world tasks. Hope you like, it’s all I’ve got… for now… lol… always more in the works, see you soon.


Western Grey Kangaroo and Joey.

The tour bus rolled along, winding into the bright sunlight of the joyful day trip families had looked forward to for weeks.  The bus driver was a slightly indifferent man, didn’t seem to like his job much but that could never quell the spirited anticipation of the innocent. The little ones noticed only a navy blue presence as they clamoured aboard the bus named “Vancouver Regional Zoo.”

Are we there yet?”

The refrain of children everywhere on a long journey was heard time and again against the bus driver’s canned music, a gibberish sounding screaming with a lot of staticky abstract electric guitars, disruptive metallic clanging and savage drumming in the background.

“No,” was the steady answer from their mother who,  as all good mothers do, tried to distract her children with games and hugs and playful teasing while the bus wheels turned over roads that had paved over paradise again and again. Other passengers on the bus appeared to be equally excited, their children also asking, “Are we there yet?”

Wheeling smoothly down the final hill, the bus filled with brilliant, warming rays of sun, the angled radiance nearly blinding off the metal inside the bus. Even the chittering children grew quiet as they tried to focus on the magically glowing valley, the zoo before them in sectioned parcels for the various animals. It looked like a massive city of squares with one ever-looping road in the middle, ensuring no one would ever become lost because the road always took you right back where it started.

“We’re there now, aren’t we?”

Almost,” their mother said, petting their hair.

They rushed off the bus behind the bus driver and went their separate ways as instructed by the Zoo Guides wearing blue tagged uniforms, the anxious long ride here forgotten by late afternoon when they had seen everything anyone could possibly see. But the questions multiplied as the savage drumming roared up again.

Mama, why are all those people staring and waving at us? They make me so nervous.  Why do they keep acting like there is something wrong with us?

With the zoo closing down for the night, the red sun set on a new valley in their mother’s answer.

This is our new home. Don’t worry,  my darlings, you will get used to it.”


November 25 2011 (c) JAuroraMorealist



The Red Kangaroo is the largest macropod and i...

red kangaroo familial heraldry long

reaching arms shield pride of being a bastard

my father’s name was Harold


November 25 2011 (c) JAuroraMorealist

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