When life gives you Brown Chowder…

Okay, it was one of those happy accidents in life. I sautéed onions and potatoes in a smidgen of oil to make clam chowder. But I came on WordPress.com, started reading and forgot all about them.

Result: Did you know that browning, carmelizing actually, adds great flavour to white clam chowder? Well, it does.

Here’s what I put in the pot:

2 chopped onions
3 medium chopped potatoes
Tbsp of oil
2 cans baby clams with juice
about 3 quarts of water
1 package baby red mashed potato mix (thickens and flavours without using milk and has less fat and calories than milk unless you use skim)

That’s it.

Chowing down on hot chowder tonight. Tomorrow I may add a handful of shrimp or some flakes of imitation crab (low in fat, high in protein) and transform it into Brown Seafood Chowder.

I would add some carrot but I’m too lazy to chop it and don’t have any celery so potato is the veggie of the day today. But I did have butternut squash soup for lunch out today so does that count, lol. (I think it had way too much fat in it by the way my throat and me felt afterward) Going to freeze the rest of my Brown Clam Chowder for other quick winter night meals when cooking is the last thing I want to think of.

Happy Dinner whatever you are having! It sure smells like home here tonight.

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12 thoughts on “When life gives you Brown Chowder…

  1. Well, by Jesus you might learn to cook one of these days, but honestly that is THE most extremely feeble soup production I’ve ever encountered, and ‘potato mix’? (shakes head sadly)….owwwfff….honestly Jan..can I cook for you?..My clam chowder would have about 25 more ingredients.
    That is about the same as waving a clam over a pot of water.
    I can’t believe you’re eating that.

    • LMBO It was good! Really! No milk or other thickener at all, tastes like clams instead of cream soup. Sorry to insult your “royal cheffery” but I thought it was fairly clever thinking, all things considered. Of course you can cook for me but eating what you cook from this distance could prove quite problematic LOL LOL :)

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