Canadian Writing Contests

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As a writer, one of the things that always helps me when I hit a slump or haven’t had anything published in a while is entering a writing contest.  Even if I don’t win, it’s exciting and motivating and usually results in a work I can submit for publication elsewhere, which is always a bonus.

While I have no comprehensive list of Canadian writing contests available, I have found ten web sites that should kick-start any Canadian writer who has hit the proverbial “writing wall.”

That said, I don’t think these competitions are all entirely exclusive to Canadian writers  as far as entries go, but you will have to peruse the rules for yourself to see if submissions from elsewhere are accepted.

It has been my experience that most competitions do accept world-wide entries but some do reserve the right to limit entries as I learned once when trying to enter a UK contest and thereafter began to pay closer attention to the rules before sending off my entry.

Hope you have fun checking these out and even if you don’t enter a work in any of the contests, you may find a new read you love, a conference or organization you were unaware of.

Also, please feel free to add any links you think may be of value to writers who need some inspiration or motivation.

18 thoughts on “Canadian Writing Contests

    • Ben, thank you! You are always so resourceful. I’m sure this will be much appreciated by those who are, as I was until now, unaware. Happy day to you! See your pages soon :)

  1. Thanks for sharing these sites Janice! Even though it seems that God has blessed me with almost too much inspiration sometimes ( I feel like I overload my readers with posts some days :) ) this is a great way to help others who have hit that road block! love and hugs, Terri

    • Myself included, Terri. Some days I wonder whether I can squeak out a mere word. If not for all of you inspiring me onward, I may not have, thanks for visiting, see your pages soon!

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