Why is it…

- those who are chronically always beyond “fashionably late,” clocking hours without notice, squawk loudest if you keep them waiting ten minutes (through no fault of your own)?

- those who claim to “know” so much “truth” based entirely on hearsay are so assuming about others?


coping (Photo credit: romana klee)

- when you are in an almighty hurry, you slam your finger in the cabinet door, have to now stop it bloodletting on your best white shirt you were going to wear to the interview?

- “sorry” is such a hard word for some and such an easy word for others who never really mean it anyway but utter it blithely to carry on exactly as they were?

- why, when you tell someone you are truly sorry for the miscommunication or perfectly logical misunderstanding between you that originated with THEM in the first place, they ignore you as if you never even apologized?

- the hem of my dress goes right when I least need it and the meant to look undone hem on my T-shirt is actually half-hemmed?

- those who commit the worst emotional crimes against those they claim to love also “blame” those they claim to love instead of being accountable to their very own mirrors?

- when I wear my sweater backward or inside out all day long, it works perfectly well until I am taking it off and realize what I’ve done?

- just when you get a job you can do very well and actually like, somebody’s “brother” needs a job and you are laid off?

- my neighbour’s cat adores me and I he (we have the same colour of hair and he knows I put cold water out for him in the summertime, is always thanking me for it) and yet I am allergic as hell to the poor thing?

- people we “think” we know can dupe us best (as in the past two years where two men and a two decades very close girlfriend “took” my loyalties and misplaced trust to a whole new low)?

- everyone loves everything positive and will spout endlessly or “like” your tweets, Facebook updates, etc but ONLY if they are positive? Is this punishment for being “real” and processing life’s experiences to get to the positives again? Or is their life simply so perfectly “UNREAL” they truly don’t understand the realities of human challenges?

- why is it so hard to find love and yet so easy for us to love others?

- all the booty style slippers left on the rack for five bucks are size small when your ankles have been cold for months and you were waiting for just such a sale?

- that people who claim to be such good friends vanish whenever life goes grey for you especially when you were there for them for all their decades of tears and your losses/mourning/learning has only been over the past couple years?

- when you are making chicken soup for the soul, it grows thicker and thicker and thicker until you realize this is chicken stew and suck it up anyway?

- why do people say gnochhi when they mean gluey little dumpling?

- that you are feeling low and on that very day a cheerful message or three, as in a recent day of mine, all arrive to tell you just how fine you are?

- when you lose your coping skills, it is assumed you lost your intelligence right along with them?

- that you finally get a ticket to a see a performance and meet a relative you’ve never met only to find yourself sitting in the front row right in front of her microphone when you thought the ticket seller said row 8-10 and it was A-10? Smiles.

Okay, that’s it for today and I truly don’t expect any answers. Just saying.

I know I should stop asking why. But how else can I learn?


Janice Grasshopper

JAM 12March2012

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22 thoughts on “Why is it…

  1. Where are the size small boots? All i find are large. What you say is so true. Lately I have seen some people & couples who on the surface look one way but in reality I am so grateful i don’t dance in their reality.
    Give me honesty & truth no candy coated platitudes or phoney positive attitudes. Love you girl! Yotaki Beautywalk

    • And that, my friend, sums up why I love you so! Just the way you are, for always saying it like you do. If I’d known earlier, I’d have scooped you some slippers but then it’s so warm where you are, you’d likely have used them as pet abodes or something lol xo

  2. [There's a district in Perth called Gannochy. I always call it Dumpling. Always.]

    - that when you’re in a hurry God shoves a garden cane in your spokes?

    [I have just listened to 'Lie Down' by the Good Lovelies. Cute.]


    • They are so cute and even cuter in person :) A garden cane in my spokes, huh. Well, that was a rather weak cane if I do say so myself, lol :)

      Dumpling. It’s such a cute word. I actually made some tonight for someone. I didn’t have much but I liked them alright. Gnocchi not so much, too gluey.

      Maybe the gnocchi I had wasn’t cooked right. You make me wish I could still ride a bike.

      • As am I but I am one wee slight tad biased. Being related to one of them is the cause of that. But even if I weren’t, I’d cave to their charm and angelic harmonies that echo long after they leave the stage. Glad you like, M. They do world tours, were in your neck of the woods once and maybe they’ll be back so you can see them up close and personal. Well worth it. So real and such fun!

    • Okay, Sarah, I will as soon as I get a chance and if I don’t, feel free to remind me. Were it not for my birth certificate, I have days where I do not even know my own name at present… lol … I think… :)

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