Driving Fast

Look at me driving it’s so much fun, look at me, whee!
Driving fast
Driving past
I’m flying so fast, soon a man I will be!
Blurry memories of racing, the sun behind, whee!
Primary rainbows lighting my wake
Thanks to Mama’s loving brake
When I roar by so fast I can’t even see!
When will I be big enough to drive alone, whee!
To reach family photo books of driving fast
When this is what I’ll probably ask:
What was life like when everything was black and white?

JAM (c)02April2012

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8 thoughts on “Driving Fast

  1. You know… I sometimes do not always let people know when I have stopped by for a visit… but I wanted you to know… I love your site… I read it more than I comment … forgive me for that but I really enjoy your site :) :) hugs to you
    all the best to you :)

    • Nothing to forgive, thank you for swinging by. The only hard and fast rule I know for blogging is that we do what we can when we can. If that changes, it won’t be as much fun for any of us, lol. Hugs back to you. See you soon :)

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