Friday Funning Dictionary

Assumption: A conclusion separated from fact by a question.

Bangers: A) Men prowlers seeking one night stands   B) People who hurt their heads trying to make  sense to those who do not comprehend any   C) English Sausage  Answer: A, B, and C are all correct!

English: Sausages, seen in Covered Market, Oxford.

Common Sense: Just not so common is all I really know for sure. Comments welcome.

Diatribe: Still talking when no one cares anymore. (Now is already the past, lol)

Eggshells: The expression “walking on eggshells” has  some merit but often is utilized in place of straight-up healthy communication. Trample and torpedo the eggshells, use the voice whenever and wherever safely possible, I say! Self advocacy is empowering but dissing others to assert self is dis-empowering to all concerned. Those eggshells are so thin as to be transparent, anyway, no trampling needed at all.

broken egg yokl, egg white, albumen, uovo rotto

Fairness: 3 strikes you are out, 3 hits you are back in. Oh, I know, I know. It’s just too logical.

Grouperfish: Any number of two or more people who publicly or otherwise employ “gang mentality” to bully others in or out of the swim club just to align selves with power holders or false sense of superiority born of their own imaginings. My advice: don’t swim so low in the water, lol. It works!

Angel Fish while depositing a line of eggs. Bl...

Helldammer: This is an apt phrase I employ to describe most of my life these past few years. These really have been a helldammer of a few years in such rapid succession, I swear to Christ, I must have a whole fifty years of goodness ahead of me if there is any balancing of the scales of life at all.

If: This tiny word often costs humans the most. If only, if this, if that. Forget if. Just do. Just be. Just do and be here now. Apply if too often and you will condition yourself right out of the finer quality of your very own life. We are here now.

Just: Okay, back to fairness. Just behaviour is not a given. In fact, more often than not, unjust behaviour is. However, “just” settling for unjust behaviour is just not possible for some of us. ~”Verily I say unto you, Just be Just.”~ There, the JAM bible in eight words. And it didn’t take you all weekend to read it, either, lol. But it could beget more… more what I don’t know yet… but it will surely be just :)

English: Traditional Persian tom-cat "Mat...

Know Ledge: No matter how much knowledge one acquires in their lifetime, academic, life experience, whatever, there is a KNOW LEDGE clause in life: Know when you are on a thin ledge about to be thrown under the bus. If you don’t, you won’t see it coming and find yourself blamed for all manner of choices or conditions that were and are entirely out of your control. CYA (Cover Your Ass is the plural of the acronym I heard so many years working in various systems/organizations)

Love: Do you need a break? I need a break, too. Here is my favorite song in the world about love, it’s a nice break from reading: 

Mother:  Mothering is not something that happens just because you bear children. Examples are all over the news daily. Mothering is something we all do, here on earth, as fellow humans. I may “mother” a sister or friend or they me. We may “mother” a grieving co-worker. Or a stranger who is in trouble and just needs a friendly gesture. When a friend needs an ear, when a child needs comfort, when we just need a hug to validate we are all in this together. Whenever a human has a need, there is a call to “mothering,” a call any one of us with kind intent and a nurturing heart can answer. How do I know this. Because I live it. And the mother of children I once day cared said, “I knew I wasn’t mother material, that’s why I went to work, that’s why I had Janice.” That was and will always be the highest compliment to my own “mothering” ever. We are family. All of us humans here together.

“Who knows the wonders awaiting us in our world…every day is a new adventure in discovery…”

Name: Any name will do as long as you don’t call me late for dinner, lol. Really, there is much to be said for names. Some love their names, some do not and some change them as I do for writing. But I know who I really am. I think. Don’t I? lol

Orange: Did you not just hear the sweet, fragrant juice squirting into the air, lifting us all to a brighter, happier note? Well, it did and does. Orange peels simmered on the stove lift the mood, I have both been told and discovered for myself. Try it!

Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orang...

Perfection: A state of being, living, having available only inside unrealistic human minds.

Question: Should really come before Assumption because it is the thing you ask PRIOR to errant conclusion but many choose not to get as far as the P’s & Q’s.

Right: Who is right? Who is wrong? If we all have a voice and are allowed to use it, who is to judge? Do we perceive wrong where it was really all right because it suits us? Is that right? Or abuse of rights? I ask this because in my own life, I tend to stay left. But I am consistently left, outside the box in my way of thinking and being in the world. Yes, consistency. That is right. Being consistently who we are in the face of those who think themselves right is really, truly the only right we have.

Silly: Time for silly! Enough seriousness (the S antonym for silly, lol). I think I may just go on the dating site and say hello to ten different faces I like. Why? Because I NEVER initiate contact. I’m just not comfortable with it. Time to get outside my comfort zone even if it sounds  a little silly. Silly can be fun and I need to have some  fun.

Time: “Now is already the past.”~ JAM June 2012. Goethe was right, whatever you can do, whatever you can dream, begin it now.

Unfairness: Three strikes you are out, Ten hits you are back in. Ill logic is unfairness in motion.

Vastitude: Employing literary licenseI invented this word, entitled a poem with it earlier on my blog. Still love it. No explanation required. 

Was:  Remembering that everything that “is” will momentarily be “was” helps me on days when I think there is no tomorrow in sight.

Xanadu:  A place we’d all like to be but what if we already are and just can’t see it?

Pathoschild heart

You: Thank you kindly for reading my blog. This is really all about you. Without all of YOU, I’d have no motivation many days to even be here. YOU all make it worthwhile both by reading and commenting and sharing all of your brilliant, moving and comical words with me. Thank you kindly.

Zooper: This is “Zoomer” men on dating sites who have high hopes along with their overly high expectations considering the reflection in their own mirror. Rhymes with blooper.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


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    • Oh, yay! It’s a great place to take a spin, too, all flat around there by the lake, so scenic, I am facing the lake surrounded by mountains. I knew you’d like it there, lol.

    • Imagine. Bullying choir members. Sounds almost too oxymoronish to really happen. But then, that’s life. Real life is always stranger than fiction. Glad you got something good out of my ramblings that worked to help you in the real world, Sarah, the pleasure is so mine xo

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