Online Dating: Unplugged

Family watching television, c. 1958

Does anyone remember what it was like when everything in the world was black and white?

Long before the advent of the computer, text messaging, cell phones, email, social sites, ordering movies up, PVR/DVR, all we had was a personal connection making fond memories of less complex and technologically driven lifestyles. It was a quieter, calmer happiness where the frenzy of keeping up with all “electronic socializing” (now that phrase truly is an oxymoron in my world, lol) did not yet have us by the throat, yanking our real connecting, quality moments away from us in rapidly ticking nano-seconds we fail to register. Until they are gone. Let’s look at shopping, especially in relation to online dating and forming “human relationships.”

So you want to buy a new TV. Well, look at this, aren’t you lucky, TV land is yours, right here online where you can shop til you drop and then do it all again. The floor model has been used and is discounted accordingly, easy to buy and use, no terms at all. The top shelf model covers all the bases in terms of what you were looking for visually but when you get up close and personal to the screen, the image loses its lustre, the lines grow fuzzier and you start to wonder why you even wanted it when the smaller, less costly model has a much sharper picture and a lot less terms and conditions to contend with.

So you take another TV home, a very different one altogether from the type you would normally go for, and you start to kind of like it but… wait. Just when you thought this might be “the one,” an ad with a newer, snazzier outfitted model grabs your attention and you can’t help yourself. Your mind is racing as you return the first one and get the newer model. It is bigger and brighter and you are glad you did this. Until you see yet another model that will actually get up and make cocoa for and your family while you continue watch. Okay, that’s a lie. But you knew it was a lie right away. So why don’t you know that there is no such thing as shiny, happy, people who are better than the last one? Happiness is a state of mind. Sex is also all in the mind. Knowing when enough is enough is akin to having a backbone instead of a wishbone when it comes to shopping for a mate online. But what do you do when you finally realize the first TV was the best one and they no longer even carry that model? I don’t know either. My mother always said crows go for things that look shiny. If there is a God, please let me never develop “Crow syndrome.” (Not likely since I seldom initiate contact or even do searches, lol)

Consumers are inundated with all sorts of marketing and there is no way to avoid it but what place does this have in the “sale” of a human being to another? My guess is that it desensitizes us when there is so much fish we cannot even eat it all let alone see it all clearly. We develop scales of measure we would never apply in the real world. For example: Rectangular TV must fit in an L shaped area facing a sofa that looks in the other direction against a pile of pillows that may well catch fire if the TV is left alone too long. TV must: own home, own at least one recent model vehicle, have a nice bank account to bequeath to buyer, have regular manicures and pedicures, six pack abs, no signs of gravity taking hold and capacity to absorb shock of being replaced on a weekly basis by a model no brighter, no shinier and no better. Supply and demand. Over supply and the price drops while the standards raise creating a technological loop of behaviours that will replicate themselves incessantly while the real world moves on.

Just thinking aloud in my room of one’s own, tonight, lol.

How I wish everything in the world was just black and white again.

(c) JAM11June2012


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