Family Conferences Part I

I Think I Love You

I Think I Love You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love family conferences. Everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinions and share their ideas of what they’d like to see happening with everyone as a team, group and family all on the same side.

Or not.

Maybe I love them because I have great intentions but nobody else will participate. Ah yes. That’s it.

How do I get family to attend family conferences meant to improve our communication and bonds of love?

Uhmmm. I just answered me. Again. You can bring a horse to water but… well, that made me thirsty.

Going for a drink of water will be much more productive than mulling over the impossible, I’m sure. Besides, I never have much patience for gang mentality. Coalitions formed on gossip and assumption without asking ME a single question.

Happen if we had a family conference, we’d have to hire a mediator or I’d never get a word in without being attacked for the misguided assumptions of others. Funny how that works.

The more you talk, the more they attack. Listen? Noooooooooh. Ask questions? Absoluuutteely not. Why, then we might actually find out we agree and all wanted the exact same thing: to love and be loved and know the bond is so strong that a little bad weather can’t even touch it let alone wobble it.

Oh, I know. I am daydreaming again. But I still can do that… can’t I… lol

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10 thoughts on “Family Conferences Part I

    • Trying. Best I can. It’s slow when you have no safe places left to lean. The past two years my mind has been blown by friends I never thought capable of such treachery, family I never thought capable of such myopic vision, if any, and learning that I have never really had a safe place to lean all of my life. It is quite the epiphany as I am still here. And almost whole. lol. Thanks for the love and support, M. Happy day :)

  1. Family members can be such brilliant confabulators – they fill in the gaps with fantasies about one another, and, over the years, come to believe those things are fact. Mediators are a must, to get everyone present to listen to one another in turn, without interrupting. It’s amazing how the different versions of events start to contradict each other, so that quite often the participators in the group can see their fantasies for what they are. Whether they’ll admit to it, or apologise for their misconceptions and abuse is another matter. But at least you’ll have had the satisfaction of saying what you’ve got to say, without danger to self.

    Once having got to that point, I’d suggest mentally building a very high wall, and stepping the other side of it. Leave them there. Tell yourself they’re not worthy of you. You’re well loved by people other than them, and the world awaits you :-) xxxx

    • Oh. Sarah, you have me in tears here. So poignant and encouraging. Thank you, kind heart xo I am walking as tall as I can onward and upward thanks to lovely, supportive souls like yourself. Was just about to pack this blog in altogether and close it down because I am just reaching a point where I don’t even want to write anymore. And that is all I was living for really, nothing else I want to do in life. Thanks to you this very moment, I shall return. Much love xo

      • oooooooohhhhhhh… however can I deny such a gentle soul request… I’m on it, Sarah, slow but steady as best I can until I am strong enough… thinking when I get there, I will split off into two blogs… one more personal with my own poetic experiences… the other more meaningful to the world… ooops I just overwhelmed myself again…lol… okay then, the latter for sure lol. Thanks kindly soul sister for the love xo

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