Flash Fiction 100 words: CONFESSIONS

Hans von Aachen, Allegory or The Triumph of Ju...

Hans von Aachen, Allegory or The Triumph of Justice (1598) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~I heard you scream, felt your body jolt back against mine, saw bloody underwear, soaked jeans, red urine in the toilet for days, she should never have kicked you, she was not even supposed to be here.  Physical violence a crime oft drunk slippery witness mind bedding compassionless offender together revictimize the victim.  Emotional , mental and physical suffering prove their death wish mine. Even investigators appear bent on victim fault-finding. Biased coalitions futilely attempt justification against terribly unjust abuses. Truth walks tall no matter; mine in these next hundred years of injustice confessions walking in survivor solitude courage.~

JAM (c) 3JUL2012

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 100 words: CONFESSIONS

    • LOL well you made me giggle so it can’t be all bad, lol :) Just writing it out when I have no one to tell it to. No one who cares to listen, that is :) Glad you get me, M. Smiles going your way.

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    • Yes. She should be. But on she goes, in a position of trust caring for the “health and well being of others” or so she would have the world believe. I never knew a female asshole before. But I do believe I chose one for a friend and was the truest friend she could ever hope to have and this is how she repays me for my sincerity. Institution would be too kind to such a cruel, inhumane being in my, sadly, learned opinion.

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