Where Are You Spending Your Weekend?

After another week from hell battling people who must surely also be from hell I am looking forward to spending my weekend here, with a book or on my patio with a book or in the park with a book is my big weekend plan :)


Title of the book? Lovely Bones, how timely, don’t tell me about it, just started it, lol Happy Weekend, Everyone, much love xo

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22 thoughts on “Where Are You Spending Your Weekend?

    • It is heavy, I’m finding, I think I might have to read it Verrrrrry slowly, it’s kind of not the best reading for me right at the moment :) Hope you have a great one yourself! Your last phrase reminds of a song I love from the 60′s or 70′s Build me up Buttercup, forget the group now, but kicky good song, melodic, danceable and fun :)

      • OH yeah :)
        it is a song :) …..xx
        it’s totally true that what we read – totally can trigger – or sometimes do nothing – or do great things —————– to our hearts ……
        I want to read the silly ones right now
        did enough of that as a kid –
        “single and loving it ” …….older book but fun quick read …………. :) :) xx

    • Good to know, Kimmy, getting my teeth into it now but my brain is geared otherwise at the moment, may have to read it in sections but that’s okay, I’ll get there :)

  1. Reading a wonderful respite from the daily grind. I plan on reading, too. We are having torrential rains. I rather like that when I read. Thunder, lightening and pouring rain hitting my skylights creating a musical symphony to go along with whatever I choose to pop-up on my kindle. Hope you’re reading adventures are incredible ….!!!!

    • Oh, Izzy, just reading what you wrote to me now gave me goosebumps, incredible visuals and I wanted to be snuggled under the storm symphony with book in hand. You are so right, wonderful respite from daily grind, so peaceful where so much else really does just grind, lol.

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