Welcome Friends

 “Thanks to all kind souls for reading my journey through lands both familiar and foreign to us all. May your day be as pleasant as you have just made mine.”



When I announced to my first grade teacher, “I know what I want to do when I grow up – I want to make books!” – I had no idea what lay ahead. Until you “make it” in the eyes of many, you just have a nice little hobby. If that is so, I venture to say my hobby is my life. Writing from as far back as I can remember, I recall my bedroom as a teenager, a small room used as an office in a former school house converted to a home, with the walls covered in my poetry. Mom never gave me heck for that but I think she liked it, I did it artfully and with tidy penmanship. (Now we pay at stores to get writing for our walls!)

My first four novels form part of my writing apprenticeship learning grounds. All those slice-of-life fiction works were written while holding full time and part time paying jobs which I also wrote about when in those positions … With much work published in various venues, some paying gigs included, and awards for fiction, non-fiction and poetry, I now live to write and that is all. Writing here while working on books 5, 6 and 7 which will be published even if I have to give them away online as soon as I am able to finish them, if I ever am. Writing as much as I can… as often as I can… enjoy your visit to my pages here.

Writing is breathing and breathing is writing…


Still more? Here you go:

Every experience I have ever had not only contributes to my writing in this world but also to the person I am and the better person I strive to become, better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today…


Blogging here is all I really have time or energy for at the moment and some days now, thanks to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, even that is in question. Told by a writing instructor that we need to write a million words, I believe it was from this quote:

“Start early and work hard. A writer’s apprenticeship usually involves writing a million words (which are then discarded) before he’s almost ready to begin. That takes a while.” ~David Eddings

Well, I’ve done my million… I think, lol… here’s the short version:



1. Slice of life fiction: was dark but good experience to write, wrote in summer 1997   Coming of age: 110 page novella written in a long weekend, didn’t win contest which included publishing and 100 copies of your book, Received Certificate of Merit.

 2. Romance: was written off and on for a year to just try the genre because I wanted to leave day jobs and just make a steady living writing. A friend who writes romance says it is so good, I should submit it. But I can’t reconcile this with myself. I am not knocking romance, I just know I can do better. It was tough writing, like pulling teeth for me. But I wanted to prove I could do it. I did that. Now I want more from myself.

3. Creative non-fiction: The one I am most proud of but still don’t consider any of my books more than campfire starter. The more great writing, I read, the more humble I become. Perhaps one day I shall rewrite or use parts of this work in another story of challenges, love, betrayal, redemption and reconnecting self, finding place in the world.

4. Slice of Life fiction a healing story through the ages and generations in one family despite betrayals, loss and damages done most of which were inadvertent, just because humans cannot know what they do not yet know.



First Place 2001: Non-fiction (creative non-fiction) :http://www.siwc.ca/

Honourable Mention: Fiction 2000 http://www.siwc.ca/

First Place 2003: Christmas theme story local newspaper contest (Vancouver BC)

Writer’s Union of Canada: Shortlisted 2002 (for short short)

Third Place 1998: Copper Beech short fiction contest

Canada wide Essay Contest: First Place

Honorable Mention for short fiction work 1997 (1500 words): Tickled by Thunder Magazine



- Second place: Tickled by Thunder Fiction & Poetry Magazine
- Quarter Moon Quarterly, two poems published
- The Year’s Best Anthology: No Knight So White
Assignment writing projects include web content for High End Realtors, Interior Designers, PR material for teachers, educators and life skills coaches, ghost writing a self-help book with a psychologist (never again! lol) Also once wrote a weekly column and produced newsletters and all media for an umbrella organization of philanthropies in Richmond, BC for over a year.  Wrote newsletter, magazine and PR material for Social Services childcare programs and Victims of Domestic Violence while employed in an Attorney General province wide program. 


PUBLISHED 1990-2012

- Reviews: Live performance, movie and restaurant reviews (Man of Steel, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Bonnie Kilroe, Susan Jacks, The Vagina Monologues, The Good Lovelies, Cactus Club…etc)
Public relations material from bio to brochures for Interior Design College Instructor
Corporate web site text for High End Real Estate and Vacation Home sites
Interior Design  Company Web site text
Promotional media for museum volunteer teacher recruitment for students grades 1-8 educational programs 
Poetry published in Quarter Moon Quarterly, BC poetry/literary journal
Content for Clinical Therapist’s brochures & newsletters
“Harnessing the Power of the Mind,” article in corporate motivational newsletter
Training materials for delivery of province wide service to victims of violence
5000 word piece: Domestic Violence & new process for Ministry of Attorney General publication 
Biography/copy for Specialized Teacher’s Professional brochure
Two poems published in annual literary collection: “The Dirty Dozen”
Sexual Harassment article in BC youth magazine
Monthly newsletter, PR material, press releases for Ministry of Social Services Childcare program


 OFFICE ASSISTANT – Part time position of 20 years working for family business while working part time or full time as:

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR -  Part time 2 months Civic government

VICTIM NOTIFIER  - Full time 3+ years Ministry of Attorney General,

INFORMATION OFFICER – Full time Childcare Program 1 year Ministry of Social Services

BUSINESS OWNER/MANAGER –  Computer Document Services  3 years


PRIOR:  Retail Fashion Sales; Cashier; Server; Factory line worker



-              Anxiety Management

-             PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (identifying, coping/living with)        

-            Boundaries and Healthy Communication

-            Emotional Eating (healing: why we do it, what do to/managing it)

-            Dynamics of Healthy Relationships

-            Government Job Seekers Skills Program

-           Interior Design Consultant Diploma

-          Writing For Children Course

-          Creative Writing Diploma

-          Cross Cultural Awareness

-          Supervision in Canada Course

-          Victim’s Services Certificate,  Attorney General

-           Victim’s Assistance Volunteer Trainer’s Certificate, Attorney General

-          Criminal Justice System Overview, Crown Counsel

-          Legal Aid Remedies :  Violence Against Women Workshop

-          Sexual Harassment In the Workplace, Attorney General

-           Information & Referral Course

-          Shifting Gears Men’s Treatment Program Overview

-          Lay Counsellor Training,  Victim’s Assistance & Sexual Assault Centre

-          Stopping the Violence Conference(s)

-           Freedom of Information & Privacy Advisor’s Workshop

-          Computer/Word Processing Certificates

-          Conflict Resolution & Mediation,  Levels I-IV

-          Ritual Abuse: Caregiver Awareness Workshop

-          College: Volunteer Management Credits

-          University English Literature Credits

-          Advanced Study Techniques, A+ College Course

-          University Psychology Courses

-          Superhost & Encore Certificates

-           College: Business Communications

-          Grade 12 Honours Graduate



 Community Coordinated Justice Committee  
3 yrs  As Corrections Branch representative introduced policy procedures, liaised with Senior Crown Counsel(s), Police Staff Sgt(s), Victim Services Managers, Transition House Coordinators, non-profit/ community agencies to develop streamlined process for serving victims of violence and treating sentenced offenders.
 Board of Directors – Women’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre   
1 yr  Collectively participated in educational workshops, collective administrative decisions from staff/programming to volunteer recruiting/ training, engaged speakers/trainers to deliver workshops for staff & volunteer core.
 Neighbourhood Blockwatch Program Leader 
2 yrs  Organized annual meetings, attended  RCMP training, distributed newsletters  fan-outs to members of the program.
 Board of Directors – Communities Against Substance Abuse Society  
2 yrs Participated in planning, evaluation of processes. Raised awareness, contributed to media including Healthiest Babies Possible, & in events from fundraising to Dry Grad.
  Public Relations Committee,  Information & Volunteer Centre     
2 yrs  Weekly volunteer recruitment column, newspaper press releases and articles including biographies of volunteers, writing/editing and graphic mock-ups of bi-monthly newsletter and media for volunteer recognition events.
 Office Assistant –  Publishing  
1 yr Edited copy for Richmond publisher/marketing firm from gift to health books, business/career guides. Flyers, advertising, direct mail marketing campaigns.
 Animal Rescue – 1 year         
Placed rescued dogs in safe homes by advertising, screening calls and owners and finding foster care while awaiting permanent homes.



Creative writing, working out, cooking healthy, Interior Design, literary fiction and creative non-fiction, dancing, visual and performing arts, gardening, water-colour & acrylic painting, camping and hiking.



Plenty …

Impeccable are both personal and professional references yet all completely useless because she is not who she once was.

She can no longer do what she once did.

She feels it is a good day now when her shoes match.

This is the realm of living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

When shell-shocked, you do not lose your intelligence. Merely your coping skills, your ability to focus and comprehend are all impaired as though you are drunk. But you are not. No not at all. You battle the fog daily and wonder if it will ever get any better. You wonder if this is as good as it gets.

When you realize that this may be so, you grieve another loss. The loss of yourself as you knew you. You come to terms with where you are and realize, if this is as good as it gets, so be it.

Writing is breathing… breathing is writing…


(c) March 2011 : “There is no player so bold as the one who chooses not to engage in the game.” ~ Aurora Morealist



146 thoughts on “Welcome Friends

  1. Hello! First, I LOVE your name! It’s beautiful! My nieces name is Alora…similar! I found you through the Crazy Chicks Club. So glad to meet you, and I truly admire your writing. Can’t wait to read more! ~ Pam

    • Hi, Pam!

      Thank you for the read. Isn’t the Crazy Chicks Club the greatest for making cool connections? So glad you found me! I think I did read something of yours a while back but I’m impressed with your tech skills for sure, wouldn’t have the logo up without you. Going to see what you’ve been up to lately :)

    • Thank you, Louise! So glad you enjoyed, do my best to ensure something new goes up often. Now I can’t guarantee you will enjoy it all, lol, but I do appreciate your visits and am looking forward to reading your pages :)

  2. Thanks for “liking” my post re “what prompts me to create…to write,” especially coming from a published writer like you. I’ll definitely peruse your posts. :)

    • Trust me, being published does NOT mean I am a good writer. The arts are so political and then there’s the new wave of “spin journalism” which I detest. I admire genuine people who are true to their art, period. That’s why I liked your piece on what prompts you to create. It was genuine and I totally relate. Thank YOU for swinging by and sharing your thoughts :)

  3. Aurora: I am humbled to know that you have added my site to the Blogroll of this AMAZING site. Super excited that a ROCK STAR like you, Who’s work is on another level which i hope to get too in a couple of years actually has seen my site let alone added me to her site. THANK YOU i will try to earn the mention.

    • My pleasure, Pete. Nothing to earn. You are there because you deserve to be. Your unique way of seeing and sharing your world views deserves to be heard and if I can help you reach even one young person who needs to hear it, I’m more than happy. Just keep doing what you do and being who you are. Never mind rock, you’re already a star!

  4. So glad that you visited my blog and gave me an opportunity to find yours. I love what I’ve seen and read thus far. Nice to see another Canadian writer blogging passionately about the world around us and our place in it. I’ll be back again to read more.

    • Thank you, Sylvia! I’ve been visiting you for a while and I really enjoy my visits. Thank you for posting the First50Words prompt site. It is a great “primer” when stumped and just gold old-fashioned fun any time. Will be visiting you again soon as I have subscribed to your pages. Looking forward to reading more :)

  5. Aurora, I owe you an apology. I didn’t realise my memory was quite as bad as it is. I stupidly invited you to visit my main web site when in fact you had visited it only recently and left me a most generous comment.


    • No apology needed here, I am constantly getting turned around in my own blog travels as I find so many marvelous things to read and think about or laugh about. I am well and truly a self confessed blogoholic. Now I need to form a 12 step group just for that… sheesh… well at least it’s a way of ensuring I write because I often start reading and don’t produce much at all… Glad you enjoyed the comment, love your pages :)

      • Janice, I believe I have a spare copy of the collection of my poetry that was published in the summer of 2010. May I send it to you, with my compliments? If so please get in touch (my email address is on the ‘Contact’ page of my web site).


      • Wow. I would be most honoured to receive such a beautiful gift. Will visit your pages for details and thank you so kindly for sharing your beatuiful work with me.

    • Thanks! I’m following you now and hope your supper didn’t grow cold, LOL I’ll be back to read more of your pages, too, relate to some of your recent writings all too well, lol.

  6. You seem to be enjoying your time here in
    WordPress, I will have to call by again and
    take a journey through your world of blogs,
    in the meantime just step into…

    My Gothic Realm

    And do enjoy your stay amongst the
    Vampires, Ghouls, Skeletons and the
    odd Zombie or ten :)

    Have a most pleasant weekend now :)


    • I have not visited this site yet so if you get there before me and have any good news to share, please share with all of us which is all I’m doing here until I find out for myself if it is of any value to any of us in any way. JAM

    • Well glad to have you swing by for a read but I have to warn you, what you learn about women might not meet typical expectations especially with all my independent thinking Crazy Chick Club friends sharing on here, LOL Don’t worry though, it’s always a fun ride through the terrain of our collective mind and you are not likely to become bored any time soon if we have anything to say about it, LOL If you hang out with us long enough, perhaps you may help us to understand more about men? LOL

  7. Thanks for your visit, I will be back to your pages soon as well and if you don’t see me, give me a poke, I get so lost reading some days, I can’t get it all done. Glad you enjoy what you’ve seen so far :)

    • Ben, I arrived on your poetry by grace of a path through another’s pages… I cannot now recall whose pages. But I will never forget yours; you just made me teary, the blog (e-log) award pales against your praise of me. Still, I will share and pay the kindness forward. As soon as I possibly can. Thank you, Ben.

    • Oh My. I hope I don’t seem an ungrateful wretch in the face of your kindness. The truth is, I am actually feeling a little overwhelmed by all the blog honours bestowed upon me of late. I thank you kindly for the recognition. Wishing you a most Happy New Year and I will visit your post asap. :) :) :)

  8. Wow, you have heaps of cred. Absolutely fantastic, Janice.

    I clicked on ‘Past & Present Lives’ thinking you’d be talking reincarnation, but this blew me away. You’re very active in the field of writing (I never have been). Congrats. And while I’m here.. Happy New Year!

    • Appreciate your support, Noeleen, thanks for visiting me again!

      You are very active in the field of writing now, woman, just never stop. See your pages, soon.

      Happy 2012 to you as well and every other joy possible ever more :)

  9. Okay….so you redesign your e-log and I finally find this page. I’m such a slack ass. And….a name….Janice is it? This page and all you’ve accomplished and want to accomplish is most impressive. Can I live in your guesthouse when you become famous?

    • LOL LMBO at you, woman, you are funny. Should I become famous enough to afford a guesthouse, your name is on the door, how’s that? Thanks for all your kind support and encouragment, it means a great deal to me and I’m glad you enjoy my pages. Although I must confess, I think I enjoy yours more… so funnnnyyyyyy. See you soon, Crazy Chickie :)

  10. Hi Janice!

    (Love your handle.) I want to thank you for subscribing to my blog last November, and apologize for being so late with this note. Being “Freshly Pressed” Thanksgiving week threw me for something of a loop; I’m still playing catch up.

    I look forward to poking around on your blog!

    Happy New Year,

    • No worries, Marci, life gets in the way for me all the time, virtual world on hold for a couple of weeks now. Suffering withdrawals, lol. Glad you could swing by. Enjoy your visit :) Happy 2012 to you as well!

    • Thanks kindly for all your visits and inspirational messages on your blog and here! Miracles abound everywhere…. if only we notice them :) Your nomination is also appreciated but I feel since I have already received it that I should accept the nomination in the lovely spirit intended but not the award. I hope you will understand my position and know the gratitude with which I write my sincere “Thank you,” Aurora & Brian both for being such positive forces in the world. See your pages again soon :)
      3 Hearts,

    • Oh, thank you kindly for your compliments. Right in the midst of cleaning up and re-arranging things but the content will remain the same. Glad you enjoyed and I look forward to reading your pages as well :)

  11. HI Aurora. I like your blog and found your post about blaming others for our problems quite compelling. It is a nasty habit of people to ignore personal responsibility and a pet peeve of mine.

    Since women’s issues are a passion of yours I would like to share with you a book I created. It is a non-fiction resource book set to empower young women. I also worked in domestic violence and that was the push I needed to write this book. May I send you the link to where you can read the book online?

    • Yes, please, absolutely share the link and thank you so kindly for finding my pages! Looking forward to reading yours and your book but please forgive me if I am slow, my reading list, blog rounds, writing and other personal work is taking up a good deal of my time. But I will favorite the link and get there as often as possible. My readers tend to be socially conscious and I am fortunate to be among a wonderful community of women and men writers here who would, perhaps, enjoy reading your online work as well if you’d like to post the link here. Glad you found me and I look forward to seeing more of you :)

  12. Good evening,
    i like your blog. Your post are very interisting.
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    I define this blog “In parole Semplici” as a “virtuacultural tin box” where they are guarded thoughts, memories, images, sounds, and simple stories.

    My dream is to create a intercultural blog with authors from around the world.
    Do you want to collaborate for “In parole Semplici”?
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  13. Hi Janis! As one of my newest blog followers, I’ve tagged you in a blog tagging game! If you would like to participate, please visit my blog for more information. It would be wonderful for my readers to learn more about you! ~ Julie :)

  14. I hate to see you in pain and you are such an amazing writer. I would like to suggest you take the incident with the “nurse” and make it into a novel. The other two characters can experience what ever you as the author see fit. I think it would make a great novel and would help your healing. Just a random thought. Love and hugs, Yotaki

    • Thank you! I’d be glad to read, love reading, just wish I had more time to read everything I am missing out on here. That said, I’ll go now to your story before I get distracted :)

      • ah, well you can get a kindle reader for your laptop/smartphone? Other than that, I can’t send a copy as the rights are with amazon (lame I know). Don’t worry though.

      • lol I know this will sound all the more lame but I don’t have a smartphone and laptop out of commission right now… I am really interested though and will try to find a way, maybe a friend has kindle and I can read it there :) Or maybe the library has a means, they must have. Thanks for the reply, remind me anytime if anything changes and I can get it online somewhere :) Best of luck with your story publication :D

      • Oh no! Well I am glad you are interested. By the way I mean laptop/computer – you can get kindle reader free for window – there is a link on my most recent blog post on it.

  15. Hi Aurora, as I have decided to continue on the book I started a few years ago, encouraged by Lorna who introduced me to you.. I would love you to read my introduction and be honest and tell me if I have a chance for a book ,,, I love what I read above and really enjoyed the interview with Lorna, she can be a tough cookie… I will be delving into your posts here as I do love poetry, always wished I could write it myself… here is a link to my post if you have the time… Lorna gave me a good comment which has given me ideas about continuing in the manner I have now switched to.. Thank you..

    • Hi, Thank you for the message! I haven’t read your intro yet because every time I click another link, I get bumped off the internet, it won’t load so hope to get back to it asap. Meanwhile, I sure don’t see any reason why you cannot publish your own book as I did on Createspace. Martin Crosbie is a writer in one of my writing groups and he just published a book on self-publishing that explains everything there for the beginner to independent publishing. I hope to hang out again soon and check your writing out. Best of luck until then. Thank you so much for visiting me. I love Lorna! And she has a book out there, too! Maybe two of them by now – she is such a riot. Please remind me anytime you like if I don’t get over to you asap, PTSD and internet issues can really interfere and reminders are all good :) Thanks so much again for visiting.

  16. Hi Aurora.. here is the opening piece… I look forward to your suggestion…
    It was an early morning and we had walked to below the Chilojo cliffs. Sitting on the river bank up above the Lundi River (now Runde River) we watched a herd of Elephant crossing to drink at the water, which was on our side. Hoping the wind was right and not blowing from us towards them, Stan and I shifted to a huge Marula tree where we could sit with our backs against it. This should add to our camouflage and by sitting still we would experience these beasts from a close proximity.
    The river was almost dry and hardly flowing, but it was at least twenty metres wide where they were heading and that was not more than ten metres from where we sat. The bank being steep, we felt fairly safe, yet I still had a good look at the tree just in case a hasty retreat was necessary.
    It was fascinating to watch how the Matriarch and her youngster where the first to approach, allowed by the others with due respect. As she neared the water she stopped, not a sound was heard and immediately the younger bulls and cows raised their trunks, spread their ears and looked more or less in our direction. I was ready to climb the tree, but as we had not made a sound and the breeze, although light, was from them to us, I could not believe that they had detected us.
    There followed a bit of trumpeting by the younger elephant and even some mock charging towards the water. A closer look below we saw the crocodile slip off quickly into the water. Would this have frightened the Matriarch? I strongly doubted that fact, yet there seemed to still be a little consternation amid the herd. More noise and milling about and the elephants moved in to drink. I found it strange that the Matriarch held back, was she concerned for the safety of her young? There were too many elephant now drinking and some even moving into the deeper water to roll and play, for her to be concerned about the crocodile.
    As some of the more senior cows stepped back from drinking and were now looking around, the Matriarch moved up and drank, she splashed water over her back and side also her underside as though she was washing the breasts that fed her young. It was such a privilege to be so close and witness these goings on, yet our excitement was controlled not wanting to disturb the herd.
    It was interesting to watch the interaction between individuals within this herd, some that would just back away from a mere look from another and others that would quietly communicate. The communication taking the form of sniffing each other’s ears or just a gentle head rub with a trunk.
    The herd stood around quietly having all slaked their thirst, then suddenly there was a general shuffle to get young back beside the mothers, or to within the herd. They had all again turned in our direction, trunks up and testing the air. We’d heard nothing, in fact we hadn’t moved, yet there was something that was disturbing them.
    The Matriarch turned away from us and in some way communicated with the herd it was time to go. They almost took up a single file and trundled off towards the other side of the river, the younger bulls and cows being last to leave after making sure there was nothing to be afraid of. Trunks were raised and ears flapped listening for whatever it was that had disturbed them.
    When they had moved far enough away for us to feel safe to move, we stood, the adrenalin still pumping and now chatting away excitedly, we started to move back towards the Land Rover. We had hardly gone ten metres when we noticed an Impala carcass hanging in another tree. This is what the Elephant had smelt. This could only mean one thing, Leopard. Not known as the best cat to encounter, being so aggressive and fearless, our adrenalin now went up ten notches, standing still and looking around Stan and I hoped to see it before it saw us. Of course that was a stupid wish, ‘cause if it was nearby it would have known we were there long before we even got there.
    You don’t run from a Leopard, most of the time you don’t have a clue where it is, and running into one would be a certain death. So we stood our ground not knowing which way to move off, all I was happy about, was the fact I knew I could out run Stan and hopefully the cat would be satisfied just taking him down. But, if I started to run in the wrong direction and Stan was behind me, then I would be the one to go.
    It only took a couple of minutes to spot the leopard higher up the tree, legs apart as it lay along a thick branch, head resting on the one front paw and eyes wide open and looking directly at us. The bigger head told me it was a male, yet he seemed completely unconcerned about our presence. The carcass was still fresh and with the stomach opened and eaten as well as the one rear leg, the cat was obviously sated.
    Now was the time to act nonchalant and saunter on down the animal path we’d come along, with one eye still kept on him to make sure his interest had not been tweaked. We must have walked, at a fair pace I might add, for two hundred metres before we stopped and turn to check if he was still in the tree. “Which damn tree was it?” I asked Stan. We could not see the carcass or the leopard, we couldn’t even decide which tree it was, for all we knew he was right behind us.
    I decided it was now the time for exercise and said “let’s go”, it could just as well have been the starting gun for the Olympic 100 metre dash, Stan, that I could easily outrun, was gone, down that path like a flash, leaving me to eat his dust.

    • Hi, Bulldog! Just letting you know I have NOT forgotten you. I have PTSD and do what I can but some days cannot even read a thing not even my computer screens,so bright and busy. I’m thinking if you have an email, it might be faster loading as my internet service is hit and miss here. MOstly miss,lol,or I would have been able to reply sooner. Still, here I am and hope all is well with you and your writing . That said, I will NOT publish the comment if your email addy is private. Just let me know. :D

  17. Hey, there! I’ve awarded you a Reader Appreciation Award, as you’ve been one of my top commenters, over time. I appreciate your reading and commenting. Blessings to you!

    • It sounds better than it is, Shelley. I am but a soldier in the writing trenches alongside you. A weary soldier but onward I write to breathe another day. Happy resting up and thank you for visiting me. :)

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