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1. Honesty.

But how do you know when you find it?  Consistency is the only way I know, inconsistency speaks another language altogether.  If someone changes their tune just to be accepted/aligned with others who need to be right more than they need to be happy or to justify rudeness or ill intentions (which are all revealed over time anyway), that all speaks for itself.  Other suggestions for spotting dishonesty are welcome. I know nothing, just here to learn, baby, learn. Which leads me to my second love:

2. Learning.

As a life-long learner, there is nothing that I will do more frequently nor with more enthusiasm than learning. Whether that be about a certain topic, the world at large or myself, learning is right up there with goodness in my orbit.  Just today a friend was afraid to share something with me but I pressed her to share because what she had seen as a “slight” was a complete misunderstanding (I forgot her birthday in the midst of all this other former two decade friends recent “posing” as a friend being revealed for what it was). I told her the truth. With putting plates and pepper in the fridge recently, my brain is not on all four gears… yet. I have felt badly every single day since realizing I forgot my sweet friends birthday because she never forgets mine. I did apologize verbally as soon as I was awakened aware and have thought of her everyday since which is why I was gathering/making a collection of little pretties meaningful to just the two of us to surprise her with at our next get together.) Today I learned that even when we are firewalking, we must not forget what matters to those who help us safely through to the other side.  It is like listening, gestures of gratitude for their presence in our world. My mother in law said she never cared if people remember the exact day of anything, you can celebrate on any old day. I’m more like she was in the world but my friend is not. Just a little difference in our being to be respected, that’s all. Oh, yes, guess what else I love, lol…

3. Respect. 

This includes manners, common courtesy and respect for our differences. Reasonable differences, that is, not into nonsensical justification of asinine behaviours for any reason. That would fall under the category of idiocy and if someone is cognizant enough to choose idiocy, sorry, not loving that. Respect or nothing.

4. Oatmeal.

Boring perhaps but I could eat it every day. A few times a day. There, the truth is out. My other addiction. I now have porridge-holic to add to my blog-oholic, lol.  If there are twelve step groups for either one, I am NOT going to join them, you understand.

5.  Storms.

Lightning storms, thunder storms, rain storms, wind storms, it is like a cleansing of earth energies, a fresh start… another chance… just one element of wondrous nature I adore…

6. Fresh white linens.

Towels or sheets, there is nothing like fresh white linens to inhale the fragrance of, feel the softness or smoothness of, stack in pretty groups for when you next reach…

7. Men.

They confound me. They perplex me. They boggle my brain. But I love them. Still. Is there a twelve step group for this one, that I WILL go to, LOL LOL

8. Friendship

Pure, genuine friendship whether built with a relative, a stranger or a love/life partner. Without the foundation of trust in friendship, the fireworks fade fast and there is nothing more to build or build on.

9. Work outs

Why oh why oh why am I always so poky about doing what I know is good for me? I will find a kajillion emails to answer, a million things to clean, a thousand things to organize because, of course, they are all absolute emergencies procrastination and the work out must wait. So if I love them so, why do I have such a hard time getting down to it? One of my sisters said she hates to sweat. I thought that might be it but it really isn’t, I don’t mind sweating because I can shower and once I am sweating anyway, I try to push harder for longer. I don’t know why… guess it’s just another one of those love/hate relationships… lol…and guess what next…

We are out of Nine Loves already! Remember, this doesn’t name everything I love, only nine loves. In my attempts to stay away from the obvious (Christmas, husbands, partners, children, relatives, family), my list is bound to be different… I hope… :)


"Who knows the wonders awaiting us in our world...every day is a new adventure in discovery..."

Today I awoke with a sense of newness, a level of expectancy that much goodness awaits on the horizon. With that, was also a poignant sense of smallness. How small we really are in the grand scheme of things and how so very much there is yet to learn.

When we took some family members up to the recreation property we once owned, my little nephew said he was hungry and trailed me into the RV to see what we could find for him.

As I opened the fridge and cupboards to look for sandwich fixings for him, he sat on the bench nook with elbows on the table and hands clasped, patiently waiting. He wore a big blue baseball cap with a bill that sometimes appeared as long as he was tall.

“So how old are you now, big fella?” I said, just to make conversation.

He silently held up four fingers and watched my face.

“Wow! Four! Holy Cow, you are getting to be a really big boy, aren’t you?”

His strawberry blonde curls escaped the rim of his hat and with eyes as blue as the bluest waters you’ve ever seen, his gaze stayed on me and he nodded very seriously.

“Yep,” he said, “When I was three I didn’t know much.”

Then he grabbed the bill of his cap and readjusted it on his head as if to say that there’s some pretty big new stuff under it that he needs to take care of.

I know exactly what he means and I think I know exactly how he felt.

Yesterday I didn’t know much. That’s how I feel most days. But especially today.

It feels as I am just approaching the precipice of something wonderful that simply awaits my discovery to reach fruition. Then it will all unfold to me as it should.  It’s an internal excitement that I frequently feel blessed with. Perhaps more noticeable when the seasons change but the happy anticipation is ever-present,  just under the surface yearning to see what will awaken me next.

There really is so much awaiting us to discover. Where shall I start?

I could barely take my eyes off the near full moon as I drove home last night… this morning singing birds  outside my window caused me to hold my breath and listen carefully to their sweet communication. Until one of them became angry, squawking so loud, they all fell silent.  It is so sunny today I can wear sandals and feel the lovely air on my bare toes…sweet…

Ah, well. Sunday meanderings. 

Hope your Sunday proves inspirational and restful.

Off to discover more of mine now.

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