Why would you stop reading?

My time on computers is limited by eye ache. Yes, I said eye ache. That and the challenges of PTSD that can jumble a page so badly I cannot make sense of anything on it. So whatever I do has to be fast. Luckily, copying and pasting my writing goes pretty fast, when I can do that. There are days when I can’t so I try to schedule things whenever I am triggered so you won’t think I’ve gone completely round the bend or decided to exit the planet altogether.

Where I have real problems on WordPress.com is reading other blogs. So much talent, so many brains out loud, I wish I had the eye stamina to read every single thing you all say.  It does go further than that though. If you are posting and I cannot read your blog in one click, I go off. More than a couple clicks and I can’t take it all coming at me. Please, I say, when I find something interesting to read, please let this be just one click to the piece and not a portion thereof. I cannot find where to click for the rest of your piece and only have so many clicks I can do per day before I have to go and recover my mind and my eyes.

What has happened in direct relation to my eye and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  (just spelled disorder as Discorder, every sednonc word is a mess I have to corect it seems) problem is this: I stop reading sometimes. If you want to know why, I’ll share with you, if you can read past this, that is because this is about where my eyes give out or start “tweaking” me to shut down the computer yet again.

1. My apologies if you are offended but I will NOT read reblogs. I follow the people I follow for a reason. Reblogs are annoying and offend my “subscribe” sensibilities and physical reader limitations. I might even unfollow if my reader is plugged full of reblogs.

2. If your blog is too long, I will not read it because I cannot. And in being prevented from doing so, I may click like to show I do like what I read. Just wish it didn’t run more than a few brief paragraphs. Anything that takes pages or ages of scrolling is a definite “fly by.”

3. There is only so much personal life dribble I can take. If it is not “tightly written” with an original edge of some sort, I really don’t care to hear/read all about your trip to wherever (no I am not jealous, I am not a traveler so nothing to be jealous of but I am reader weary as in others sharing their travels as if it should matter to me) or your family dinner party or your relationship fiascoes.  Colorful writing matters and I don’t mean cuss words.  Too much personal leaves me with a special kind of “why should we care anyway” eye ache.

4. If I can’t FEEL something or LEARN something in the opening lines to hook my brain, I turn off. Otherwise, I might plunder through my life with thoughts provoked by your writing for hours, asking myself “how did he/she get inside my mind.”

5. Too many graphics. I don’t mind graphics. A couple is okay. Beyond that, I get really dizzy (truth) from trying to scroll the screen, see the pictures and digest the writing… if I can at all. Photography blogs are excluded here. Those provide a beauty and mini mental vacation I welcome, always.

6. Different bloggers attract me. I follow some informative but mostly creative writers. Some of the creative writing online is just mind blowing greatness waiting to be discovered. Others, not so much… As in the perils of Polly, somebody’s bird. Sorry but if you are into a cause, make it clear at the opening, please, where your title and catch phrase are. There’s no worse feeling of being duped than enjoying a wee piece of writing to learn a few more reads in that the blog is full of cause, cause, cause nobody told me about.  (MyInnerChickWithASideofBitch by Kim Sisto Robinson is a great example of what to do, what really works for a blogger with a cause.)

That’s all for now and I hope you will share why you don’t read so that I might be enlightened and understand something new I didn’t know before.

Thank you for reading.

Choosing the Perfect Blog Name!

all rights reserved (c) auroramorealistWhy this blog name did I choose

Chopin’s first love no intention to lose


Bright though man’s name donned

To write, George Sand published on and on

Then shining high over cold northern tundra

Magical mind shown to me through other

Aurora Borealis

Shines bright unseen

By those who there

Have never been

Still Aurora I am here and elsewhere

I write MORE REAL with love and care

For all who read my pages and bletherings

Especially those who bear my weatherings

Light found, light lost, love plunders on

Lowing moon, blinking stars and rising sun

Aurora light I may not be

More Realist I promise everly.

’twas not I chose so much this light o’er ground

as it, me, I humbly accept gifts of grace found

(c) AuroraMorealist