Family Conferences Part I

I Think I Love You

I Think I Love You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love family conferences. Everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinions and share their ideas of what they’d like to see happening with everyone as a team, group and family all on the same side.

Or not.

Maybe I love them because I have great intentions but nobody else will participate. Ah yes. That’s it.

How do I get family to attend family conferences meant to improve our communication and bonds of love?

Uhmmm. I just answered me. Again. You can bring a horse to water but… well, that made me thirsty.

Going for a drink of water will be much more productive than mulling over the impossible, I’m sure. Besides, I never have much patience for gang mentality. Coalitions formed on gossip and assumption without asking ME a single question.

Happen if we had a family conference, we’d have to hire a mediator or I’d never get a word in without being attacked for the misguided assumptions of others. Funny how that works.

The more you talk, the more they attack. Listen? Noooooooooh. Ask questions? Absoluuutteely not. Why, then we might actually find out we agree and all wanted the exact same thing: to love and be loved and know the bond is so strong that a little bad weather can’t even touch it let alone wobble it.

Oh, I know. I am daydreaming again. But I still can do that… can’t I… lol

Writing A Book

Steven Wright Quote

Image by BostonPhotoSphere via Flickr

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” – Steven Wright

Just  read the above quote on here and had to share it because I burst out laughing. I so relate.  On book number five, I do have page numbers in mind but I don’t have them done yet.   I do promise to share my progress.  But you probably figured that out about me already. Off to see if I can sleep, maybe I’ll dream  the book finished.

365 Posts on my e-log = A book!


Okay, okay, it’s a book nobody would buy but it proved something to me that I needed to have confirmed despite my Creative Writing Instructor’s saying the same. A page a day for one year = a book. 

A few days ago, I reached 365 posts on my e-log here on, today is 370. This means I can actually write a book in a year since I achieved this in approximately 9 months!

Oh, I know, I know, some of my posts weren’t really posts, rather a video share or something but then in other posts, I went on to make up for it with redundancies that spared me having to repeat myself as often as I repeat myself… :)

What this proves is that I really can finish my fifth book in a year (the first four are not fit for more than campfire starter, seriously… even if I revise them, it will just be a better campfire starter, no joke).

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham 

Life interrupts me.  I was thrown off course again recently but I am almost back in the saddle with horse power on roar.

So, I’ll try to keep my e-log posts to one a day (no no no, that sounds like vitamins or something else one must do, don’t want must do’s, want lots of want to’s! lol). If I miss a day here or there, just know I’ll be back. Probably with more to say than I intended to write or you intended to read.

Meanwhile, dear readers and e-logger community, my writer friend Cathleen Chance Vechiatto has a new term for blog since we agreed we both dislike it so. She likened it to something teenaged boys spit out and I have always disliked it, didn’t even want to admit I was a “blogger” so left that out wherever possible, still do and just say my writing page. Until Cathleen so graphically described it, I never even knew why I didn’t like the term. But it’s too close to something green in the nose for me, that’s why.

I told my friend we should work on developing something new. She replied recently to say she has it: e-log.  Thanks, Cathleen, I love it!

I love it so much, I’m going to employ the term whenever I can. What do you think or do you have a better idea?

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